Thursday, March 15, 2007


Captain's Log:

March 15
1:02 AM

Five days into Spring Break and I'm drunk as hell. Wild orgies of beer and nude coeds dancing have left me intoxicated yet thirsty for more. Spending the week at Holiday Inn sure is fun.

Yup. Holiday Inn. Where high speed internet reaches a blinding 5kbps. Hell yeah.

Been living the bum's life for the past few days. Early to bed at 3am and up early at 1pm, surviving on a sustenance of BBQ chips and water. Mmmm... BBQ chips...

Had plans to visit Canada along with Maxi but never got to complete the Canadian visa application form. Hail to the god of procrastination!

Been getting weird looks from the cleaning lady too. She's been wanting to spruce up our room but keeps finding its occupants sprawled on their beds when she comes around past noon, maybe 1, 2 or 3pm (yeah, I've got a roommate who, apparently, shares with me an inclination for the fine art of bumming). This has been going on for the past few days now and I am only awake enough when she knocks and peeks in to make out the look of curiosity, bemusement, or probably intense disgust on her face.

Tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow will be the day I get my lazy ass off this soft and ooh so cozy bed (which is twice the size of my dormroom bed) and study the textbooks I brought along. STUDYYYYEEEEEEeeeo.

Break's not been a total waste though. Been to Boston Table Tennis Club twice this week. During which I got off the wrong bus stop. Twice. Courtesy of some helpful dude giving us the wrong directions (Japanese pingpong buddy Shigeaki with me on my second trip). Ended up walking down some highway in search of the train stop. The highway of truth, hope, and lurve. At midnight.

It's all been swell but whoops, gotta go. Another wild beach party's underway. Wet T-shirt contest's coming up and uhhhh, I gotta go get my white T-shirt ready..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I think

Am I being stupid?
Sometimes, I think I am.
Yet sometimes, some things, I think, are worth being stupid for

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Way of the Fat

So stuffed right now..

Yes, as a disciple of Maxi Tong, I shall follow the footsteps of my legendary master. From years of learned experience, Master Tong has discovered the true and absolute way to battle cold - to create a protective layer of fat to insulate oneself from Boston's subzero weather.

Yes, bow down and worship the master's wisdom and magnanimity. *Peace man* :D

Seriously, if I don't stop eating like this, none of my clothes would fit come a couple of weeks. Nooooooo..

Anyway, the weekend's only a few hours away. Visiting the gym and checking out the university's table tennis club with Maxi later if things go dandy.


PS. Hi Herschel! Thanks for stopping by! Taking up Computer Systems Engineering here and the math's hell haha.. Hope you're doing well! Linked your blog :D

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

No wonder

Moved in to my dorm last night. Funny smell to the room, but pretty much grows on you.. Finally finished unpacking but the room's still a mess with stuff, including the boxes of SkyFlakes and Fita mum packed..

Met my roommate Rikky and some floormates(?) They're a pretty great bunch. Went down to dinner with them and discovered that dinner, and every meal for that matter, was served buffet style complete with refillable soda and ice cream!

Eat until you explode. Mmm.. Eggplant pizza..

No wonder Maxi grew um.. plump. :D

Speaking of Mr. Tong, met up with him today and bought some schoolbooks at Barnes & Noble and some supplies at Staples and Bed Bath and Beyond. $150 textbooks. wtf. Ended up leeching most of my books from Maxi. Hee hee.

Ended the night in Penyang, some Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown, with Maxi, mum, and my cousin. Mmm.. Pork King Buff..

First day of classes tomorrow. Mine begins at 12pm.


Saturday, January 13, 2007


Pigeons in Boston are fat. So fat that they're really amusing to stare at walking up the street. ...nothing?

Since when did birds start walking? Was this one pigeon a freak of evolution? You see, as long as I could remember, I was told that because of a bird's unique bone structure, all they could do was fly or when on land, hop along. But nooo..

Lo and behold the fat walking pigeon.

Suddenly, I realized that my life had been one big lie and I could not take my eyes off this fat pigeon who was aimlessly wobbling along that lonely sidewalk of peace, hope and lurve.

Another magical day in Boston.



Just noticed that coffee's really big in Boston, and I can clearly see why.. (Hint: It's the antonym of hot / warm / blistering / feverish / igneous / piping / recalescent / scorching / searing / sizzling / sweltering / thermogenic.)

Actually, it doesn't seem so bad anymore. Although today's forecast was in fact the warmest since I got here (some 10 deg higher), I'd like to think of myself as being used to Boston weather. Hee hee.

Last day of Winter Orientation later. Don't think I'm going though. They're going on a delightful field trip to Landmark Center. Some mall a few blocks down BU. Yay.

Anyway, body clock's still screwed up. Really sleepy come 8pm and wake up at around 4am, Boston time. That's 9am and 5pm respectively in Philippine time. Yay.

Think I'm gonna go spruce up my dorm room later. It's a bit small but not bad, I think. Haven't met my roommate though..